Managed WiFi Services

Whether your business is large or small, single or multi-point, it will benefit from Managed WiFi services. We provide the highest security for office personnel and access for guests and customers. We perform on-site surveys to identify the ideal placement of the Wireless Access Points. Once in place, the WiFi is managed remotely through the cloud which allows us to fix any issues that may arise generally before they are noticed by users. In addition, we are able to provide insight relating to real time users, internet usage, most used access points, and peak usage.

We can help you brand your hotspot . When customers access your hotspot, direct them to a special landing page providing company highlights, current specials, or any other messaging.

Increase your social media presence with Facebook integration. Customers can sign in to your splash page directly using their Facebook account. In addition to driving traffic to your company Facebook page, you can gather valuable demographic information on your customer base.

Offer variable levels of internet speed depending on customer preference by providing moderate quality free access or premium access for a small charge.